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Sensitive skin can sneak up on you!


 I had the most beautiful porcelain skin growing up.  I worked at a cosmetics counter in my twenties, and I would get women asking me all the time what I used on my skin.  As a teenager I was a Noxema girl, nothing fancy.   In my twenties I used Lancôme because I liked their gentle cleansing water.  I was a mascara and lip gloss kind of girl, I never needed much make-up.  My customers were always disappointed when I had to admit I wasn’t wearing any foundation, just some translucent powder.  Little did I know that this was going to drastically change when I hit my thirties!

I had my first child at age 30, my second at age 31 and my third at 35.  Those years are pretty much a blur to me, and I certainly wasn’t wearing makeup or obsessing over a beauty routine.  I was lucky if I had the energy to shower and brush my teeth in the early days!  But after my daughter was born, and I had a bit more time to myself with my boys in kindergarten, I started to come out of my child induced coma.  I looked horrible!!  Where had my beautiful skin gone! Every time I looked in the mirror I was blown away by what age, hormones and neglect had done to my skin!  I was red and blotchy, I was getting spots and dry patches, and I looked puffy.  I panicked and went on a mission to find a solution to this mess on my face.

Where did all this damage to my skin come from?  If I was to play detective, I would have to pick a few likely culprits.

  • Sun
  • Smoking
  • Environment
  • Hormones
  • Aging
  • Diet
  • Genetics

I have never been good at wearing sunscreen.  It always felt yucky and would make me break out if I put it on my face.  I was also very cheap about sunscreen, never wanting to spend a lot of money on a separate sunscreen for my face.  We are lucky now that it is built into our moisturizers and the formulations have come a long way.  I smoked for 10 years, and quit before I had my kids.  Smoking is known to degrade collagen.  I worked for a few years in a nuclear power plant, and it was a very harsh dry hot environment.  The aging process itself causes drier skin, as we produce less oil in a response to changing hormone levels.  Fluctuating hormones can also cause acne in mature skin, and some people think it can also trigger Rosacea as well.  And we all know that when we concentrate on raising babies we often forget to take care of ourselves.  Skipping meals, eating junk food, not sleeping enough all takes a toll on our body, especially our skin.  And although only 20% how we age is determined by genetics, my skin was becoming more like my mothers.

I tried camouflage first, buying green primer and anything that promised to hide the redness.  Then I started experimenting with foundations and beauty balms.  But I hated it all, and they all irritated my skin even more!  I tried every skin care brand that promised to be gentle and calming or to eliminate the redness;  Clinique, Lancôme, La Roche Posay, DermaFutura, Avene, Arbonne, Burt’s Bees, Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc.  I finally found Rodan+Fields Soothe regimen which has helped me tremendously.   My skin is much calmer and less sensitive and the redness has almost completely gone away.

Dermatologists diagnose skin as sensitive if it is very dry ( which leads to unprotected nerve endings in your skin), reacts to things with pustules, bumps or skin erosions, and has a tendancy to flush or look red.  Causes are skin disorders or allergies such as eczema, Rosacea and dermatitis or dry injured skin that cannot defend itself or skin that has received excessive exposure to damaging environmental factors such as sun, wind, or excessive heat or cold.  Genetics, race and age can also play a role.

Sensitive skin needs to be treated gently, no scrubbing with wash cloths or exfoliants.  Mild cleansers that are soap free are recommended, as well as avoiding perfumes and dyes.  Rich moisturizers with emoliants will help sensitive skin hold on to moisture and resist injury.  Avoid anti-bacterial products, anything with alcohol and retinol a or alpha-hydroxy acids.  The ADA recommends cosmetics that:

  • Have few preservatives, like powders
  • Silicone based foundation
  • Not waterproof, the cleansers needed to remove are harsher
  • Have fewer ingredients
  • Are black (mascara/eyeliner) they are the least allergenic
  • Are in pencil form, liquid may contain latex and cause allergic reactions
  • Are not old, that may be spoiled or contaminated

And remember, test products first for reactions, along the jawline is best.  Protect you skin in the summer with sunscreen (with a physical blocker like titanium dioxide) and wear a hat.  In the winter use a humidifier and don’t crank the heat.  Use lukewarm water when showering or washing face.  Avoid saunas and steam rooms.  Use a moisturizer that has ceramides, dimethicone or glycerin.  Don’t rely on labels, the cosmetic industry is not regulated so a company can make claims on labels like hypoallergenic or organic without proving it.

Teachers make great Consultants!


Meet Linda, one of my mentors and an amazing woman!  Linda Lackey Ray, a full-time kindergarten teacher from Amarillo, Texas, recently tripled her income. She didn’t win the lottery or inherit a fortune. She earned the money by working her Rodan + Fields side business 15 hours a week. She was initially drawn to the opportunity because she could work her business part-time to supplement her full-time teaching salary. Within 10 months, however, her business unexpectedly took off.

Since enrolling as an Independent Consultant in July 2011, Linda has reached RFx Executive Consultant status, earned a new Lexus through the Road to RFx Car Incentive Program and has deemed her earnings enough to leave her teaching job. She feels that mentoring is key to her success and combines her love of teaching with her expertise in leadership to help team members set goals, work towards them and take charge of their lives. “To see my team members retiring early, paying off debt, driving a new Lexus and changing the lives of others reminds me so much of teaching and how it filled my heart to see my kids in my classroom learn new things and the joy on their faces when they ‘got it.’”

Linda Ray is an RFx Executive Consultant and 2015 RFx Circle Achiever (Two Time Achiever)

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Think Zinc for Clear Skin

great blog post on the benefits of Zinc for your skin!

Date With Your Plate

Little ‘ol zinc is perhaps the most important mineral for healthy glowing skin.

There is so much to say about zinc – where to start? Zinc is antibacterial and antimicrobial (killing infections on the skins surface), aids tissue healing (great for the scars that acne leaves behind), reduces sebum and regulates oil production (preventing pores from getting clogged) and reduces inflammation and redness. Whew! And that’s not all…..

By releasing and transporting vitamin A stores from the liver, zinc helps carry this other incredible acne-fighting vitamin to the skin for reduced inflammation and skin repair (more on the importance of vitamin A for clear skin in my next post….)

Zinc also facilitates ‘cell apoptosis’, which refers to cell turnover (old cells on the surface of the skin die and flake off, as new ones grow) which is a natural part of skin renewal. If this didn’t occur, cells would stick…

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How to find the right skin care products!

Most women find the right skin care products for themselves by trial and error.  You go to the drug store with a budget in mind and scan the shelves for a brand with a recognizable name.  Maybe you ask the girl at the counter for a recommendation.  I used to work at a counter, and I confess I would recommend the brand that I personally used because that’s what I was most familiar with.  But is that the best product for you?  Do you ask your girlfriends what they use and buy it too?  Or some women might read a magazine and see a celebrity they admire recommending a brand and decide to try it, because hey, if Oprah likes it it must be good right!?  So where should you really start when deciding what skin care product is right for you?  Ask yourself some basic questions that will lead you in the right direction, think about what a dermatologist might ask you if you had a consultation.

  • What is your skin type?
  • What is your age?
  • Are you male or female?
  • What concerns you the most about your skin?
  • What is your skin tone?

Your skin type is the most important factor determining the right skin products for you.  All brands will have product lines based on the different skin types;  dry, normal, combination, or oily.  Your age will determine whether or not you need an anti-aging product or need to add exfoliation into your daily routine to combat slowing cell turnover.  What products you use at age 20 will be very different than what you need at age 40.  Skin tone will determine how much melanin you have.  There are 6 types, from Type 1 (very fair) to Type VI (very dark).  Because sun damage is the number one cause of aging, darker skin will appear younger longer but darker skin can scar more easily and have discolouration issues and tend to have more oil glands.  What does this mean?  Fair skin needs sunscreen in their products with a higher SPF.  Darker skin should avoid anything that could cause inflammation or anything abrasive to avoid hyper-pigmentation and may need an oil control product.  The main difference that your gender will have is facial hair.  Men’s faces will have to contend with shaving and the problems that this may bring, ie ingrown hairs.  Your common skin care concerns will be acne, sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, redness, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness, enlarged pores, sagging skin, and dark circles.  Each skin care line will have products that target these concerns, and each concern will need key ingredients in those products to be effective.

Once you know what key issues you are looking for, you must narrow down your options based on brand and budget.    Research is key, do not go shopping without doing your homework.  Google reviews and testimonials to see which brands live up to the hype.  Know the key ingredients to look for on the box, especially active ingredients that will target your concerns ie benzoyl peroxide for acne.  A few additional things to consider would be know which ingredients to avoid like alcohol, organic vs synthetic (natural isn’t always better), and what products compliment each other to create an ideal daily routine.  And remember, most products take time to work (6-8 weeks) so stick with it and give it time once you start using your new products!  If in doubt see a dermatologist, some issues may need to be treated with a prescription strength product.

If you are interested in a free skin care consultation from Rodan+Fields please visit http://skin-solutions.rodanandfields.com/ca

Rodan+Fields Has 4 Main Regimens

4 Main Regimens from Rodan+Fields

4 Main Regimens from Rodan+Fields

Network Marketing is not just for the SAHM!

Executive Professionals see the amazing opportunity partnering with a reputable brand brings!

Beauty Blogger, Editor in Chief, Director of Marketing and National Sales Director see the amazing opportunity partnering with our brand brings!

FOUR MORE Powerhouse Women joined Rodan+Fields!!
1. Nicole Kaplan, the founder of THE BEAUTY GIRL blog, has written for national publications including ALLURE, COSMO, MARIE CLAIRE, SELF, IN STYLE, SEVENTEEN. She appears as a beauty and style expert on TV for shows like TODAY, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE and more. She understood the HUGE potential of partnering with this amazing skincare company and jumped in!
2. Korey Huyley was the Editor-in-Chief of MODERN LUXURY MAGAZINE in Chicago for 8 years. A mom to 2 beautiful girls, she is now joining other savvy, smart women who made the decision to build a professional life that fits in around their personal life!
3. Roxann Paulson was the Director of Marketing for CLINIQUE, VP of Marketing for ESTEE LAUDER, then the Brand Strategist for Space NK and NOW … she’s a smart entrepreneur building her own business with Rodan+Fields. Roxann is a beauty industry expert and a marketing GENIUS, and she knows a good opportunity when she sees one!
4. Lisa Freeman has worked for many top brands including CLARINS CLARISONIC, MOLTON BROWN and SUE DEVITT. Being a successful National Sales Director, she never saw herself joining a “direct sales” company. After learning that our role with Rodan + Fields is no different than hers (training, mentoring and sharing with others the products you love) she realized all of her hard work would result in HER EARNING the commissions instead of them going to the big box retailers.”

How Rodan+Fields changed my skin!

The Soothe regimen has changed my skin more than I could have hoped!

The Soothe regimen has made a huge difference in my skin!


When I was in my twenties I worked at a cosmetics counter.  I was able to try all the products available, from the cheapest to the most expensive.  I found a brand I liked and I continued to use it for the next 15 years.  I think this is very common, that women stay brand loyal and stick to what they know.  The problem is that as we age, and our skin changes, so should our skin care.  I was forced to change mine when my brand discontinued my cleanser, and the a year later my moisturizer.  I tried to stay with my brand but everything I tried irritated my skin.  So I became a skin product nomad, I wandered from brand to brand trying to find my new home.  Some products irritated my skin, some caused me to beak out in acne or hives and some just left my skin dry and uncomfortable.  My face got steadily worse, red and dry, with bumps and broken blood vessels.  My pores were large and I had blackheads on my nose.  I was a mess, and it was embarrassing.  I rarely wore make-up as a SAHM, but I started to use foundation to hide my face.  When I bought the Soothe regimen I was sure it wouldn’t work, but a part of me hoped it would because I really wanted to join the company.  When it arrived in the mail, I started it straight away.  No allergic reaction!  No itchy hives!  After a few days my skin was smooth and soft, and after a few weeks my pores were smaller, my blackheads were gone, and the redness was ebbing.  I worried though, my cheeks and nose were still red.  But I stuck with it the whole 60 days, and by the end of my first regimen, my face felt normal again for the first time in nearly 2 years and around 80% of my redness was gone!  I still have a few spots on my cheeks, but I am hoping with time they will disappear too.  I am so happy I took a chance on Rodan+Fields!  Contact me if you want to learn more about our products or our business opportunity!

Finding a new path


So the story goes, in need of something to do and some money in my pocket, I started a Tupperware business.  Except it wasn’t really a business.  I struggled, I couldn’t get anyone to attend parties or host, and I spent a lot of time and money attending events, business cards, flyers, giving discounts and freebies and delivering products.  And all I ended up with was a frustrated husband, kids who missed me on the weekends and a lot of Tupperware!  Frustrated and trying to find a way to make my new venture work, I was talking to other direct sales women online on Facebook.  Then one day, after publically venting in a networking group I got an inbox message from Vanessa.  She had an opportunity, would I be interested in looking at it, no pressure.  Okay, things could have gone differently, I could have immediately deleted and blocked, been skeptical, assumed it was a scam and ignored her.  But I was curious.  No parties, no inventory, no delivering and a ground floor opportunity.  This was different, so I listened and I watched and I messaged, and I waited.  For 10 months I sat on the fence.  In hindsight I WASTED TIME.  I saw the potential from that very first day, I was just scared to take a chance because my first venture into direct marketing had failed.  I could have been spending those months learning, publishing, blogging, networking and building a team.  But I sat on a fence.  And then when time came to put my money where my mouth was, I did it.  I paid to have some product sent to me, and I used it for 2 months and it worked.  It was amazing.  And all doubt melted away.  I could make this work, I could build this business and I jumped in!  So when Rodan+Fields launched into Canada on Feb 2, 2015 I was one of the first Canadian consultants in the country!  Now the work begins …

Now What?

I am turning 40 this year, my youngest is in Junior Kindergarten and I find myself suddenly at loose ends.  I need to keep myself busy and earn more money, so get a job right?  Nope, that would mean a 20 min commute into the city.  With my kids only being in school from 9 til 3 how can I make a 9-5 job work!  Before and after school care, you say?  Weeell, that costs money, and if I take an entry level job (I have been out of work for 10 years and my previous job was in a nuclear power plant, there are only 3 in Ontario and I don’t live near either anymore, no one is interested in hiring me for a career level job) I might not make more than $12-15 an hour if I’m lucky.  So if daycare costs me $25 per child per day I am working an eight hour day for $45 BEFORE TAXES and my kids are in school for 10 hours a day!  Doesn’t make sense, financially or to my family values.  That leaves me with data entry, customer service phone rep, or home daycare provider, not a very fun list.  This, my friends, is the big dilemna facing women today who choose to stay home.  After our children have chewed us up and spit us out, we are left with husbands who expect a second income stream to appear and a lot of empty time to fill.  But what is worth the time to pursue?